The Department of International Programs CEDEI receives groups of foreign students who come to Ecuador to continue their studies, learn Spanish, and participate in various activities to learn more about Latin American culture.

Currently, the department is hosting the following programs: the University of Texas at Austin Program, Augustana College 5 and 11 week programs, Syracuse University, and TEFL Summer Program. Each has a schedule that includes visits to tourist and cultural sites, lectures on topics related to their studies and other activities. Meanwhile, they continue their college careers by taking courses that will be accredited back home.

For example, students of University Of Texas At Austin Program will travel this week to Patate, from where they will observe the majestic volcano Tungurahua. Also, they will go to Papallacta and Quito.

Meanwhile, Augustana College students will attend a talk by Architecture Migratoria, where they will learn about the changes in local buildings, due to the emigration of Ecuadorian citizens to other countries. They will also learn about ceramics, dance and food. This weekend they will visit the ruins of Ingapirca.

Similarly, the visitors from Syracuse University will visit la Casa de la Mujer and will participate in a discussion on migration. This group will take dance lessons and visit the Pumapungo Museum and the Ruins of Ingapira.

In the meantime, the group known as TEFL Summer Program continues to teach English to local students as a prerequisite to receive their degrees as language instructors. This weekend they will go to the National Park Cajas where they will be able to appreciate the beauty of the local nature.