The Augustana College group will travel western Ecuador where they will be able to admire a wide diversity of flora and fauna.  They will be able to enjoy this charming Ecuadorian region which is characterized by a wet and rainy climate.  

In their tour they will travel stop at Macas, Sucúa and the community of Yuquipa where they will do various activities and they will donate school materials. These students are attending Augustana College, which is located in Illinois, USA.  Since the beginning of June this group has been studying in CEDEI’s International Department to receive credits for the classes they are taking in Ecuador.   In addition they will be involved in a variety of extracurricular activities while they are here.

The current trip that the Augustana group is taking in western Ecuador is a midterm trip because these students have finished their first set of classes.  After this trip they will be taking different classes and participating in complementary activities about Latin-American culture.

Other groups studying with CEDEI’s International Programs department include: Summer TEFL, Syracuse University and Dickinson College.   Students from these programs will combine their university studies with other activities including: tropical dance classes, lectures about various topics, and museum visits.