Getting to know the characteristics and functions of public and private health centers is one of the objectives the Suny Medical Spanish Program has for their time studying with the department of International Programs at CEDEI.

This group is composed of undergraduate and masters students from different higher level education institutions in the United States that arrived at Ecuador just a couple of days ago and will start classes at CEDEI this week. Thier studies and activities in the classroom have a particular focus on the medical field.

As part of their instruction the group will be visiting the Instituto de Parálisis Cerebral Stephen Hawking, a center that provides support for people with paralysis. In addition they will be touring the Pablo Jaramillo foundation, another center dedicated to bringing comprehensive care to families, with a special focus on mother-infant care.

The Suny Medical Spanish Program will conclude their activities with talks on topics like public health and natural medicine. In this way, students will get to know the various aspects of traditional medicine on a public level as well as the characteristics of ancestral medicine and the use of medical plants and their importance in Latin American culture.

At the same time, they will continue their university studies at the CEDEI. Another group that is currently found in this center is the Tropical Biology Program from St. Ambrose University.