Through their cooking classes, students from Dickinson College will discover the secrets of typical Ecuadorian foods such as: encebollado de pescado, el tigrillo, la fritada, el mote pillo, and locro de papas.  Learning about local foods is one way of diving in the Ecuadorian culture. This Group arrived in Ecaudor on June 25 and is currently studying in the International Programs department at CEDEI.

These cooking classes are part of the itinerary of activities that the Dickinson College students will be doing in the coming days.  Additionally, they will attend ceramic workshops, Spanish classes, Andean cultural music classes, geography classes and others.

To finish their weekly schedule, the students will visit Cajas National Park which is located 20 miles to the northwest of Cuenca.  This park is characterized by its natural beauty and charm due to its many lagoons, lakes and ecosystems.

Other university groups that are currently studying in the International Programs department at CEDEI include: Ausgustana College, Summer TEFL and Syracuse University.  These students are taking various classes that will count towards credit at their home universities.  This is made possible by agreements that CEDEI has with said universities in which the US universities will accept credits from CEDEI.