After many experiences here in Ecuador, the students from North Park University and Dickinson College will be retuning this week to the United States.  They have been studying in the International Programs Department since this past January.

The experience they have lived here in Ecuador will definitely make them stronger in their personal and professional lives.  This is because when they leave Cuenca they will continue their undergrad studies and because they have taken part in activities here in which they have learned about the Latin-American reality, customs and traditions. 

Currently, they are staying with Cuencan host families and during their time with their host families the students have been treated as if they were members of the family. They had coffees during the afternoons and lunches with the whole extended family.  Though these experiences they learned about traditional customs from the capital of Azuay.

Before returning to the US, the students from North Park will attend a lecture on “Reverse Culture Shock” which is focused on preparing the students for their return to normal activities within their culture.  On occasions this change can be complicated for students after they have been immersed in a different culture, in this case Latin-American culture, for an extended period of time.

The International Programs Department is always attentive of every detail of the programed activities to make sure that every experience is unforgettable for the foreign students.  At this time there is a group of Spring Semester students studying in this department that will be traveling to the Galapagos in the coming days.