Since October 20th, foreign university students have been taking part in practicums with the Educational Institution CEDEI School.   Their goal is to enrich their knowledge of Ecuador’s education system. 

The students are part of a group called “Fall Education” which has come to Ecuador to continue their university studies and their Education majors.  During their time they will also do practicums with the Educational Institution CEDEI School with the goal of having new cultural and educational experiences.   Additionally, they are going to develop projects and have the opportunity to apply their education knowledge in the classroom through supporting the teachers of CEDEI School as assistant teachers.

This experience is definitely enriching because it will allow the students to exchange with the CEDEI teachers: knowledge, new pedagogical strategies, policies and norms of coexistence in the classroom.  This exchange will be made possible and enhanced by working together with students and teachers from a different culture.

The Fall Education students will be in Ecuador until the 11th of December.  During their stay in this country, in addition to their classes and education practicums, the group is going to take part in various extracurricular activities, such as dance class, cooking class.    They will also have visits to places with historic, cultural and social value.  The Fall Semester is other group that is studying in CEDEI’s International Programs, which last week traveled to the Galapagos for a break between the first and second halves of the semester.