Cooking is a fun way to learn about a culture is through it gastronomy. In this way the foreign students from the groups North Park and Spring Semester will learn about typical Ecuadorian foods this week.

The two groups are studying in CEDEI’s International Programs Department, and they are continuing their university studies here in Ecuador. At the same time they will learn about various aspects of the Latin-American culture through numerous activities.

This week the university students will attend cooking classes in which they will prepare typical Ecuadorian dishes such as ‘El Tigrillo’ and ‘Encebollado de Pescado’. In addition to leaning

about how to prepare these foods, the students will learn about their origins and their gastronomical importance in Ecuadorian culture.

It is important to point out that the group from North Park University (Chicago, Illinois, USA) is made up of 10 students and they arrived in Ecuador on January 16th. Whereas the Spring

Semester group is made up of 11 students that are from various universities in the United States and Europe. This group arrived in Ecuador on the 17th of January.

Another group from Dickinson College (Pennsylvania, USA) is also currently studying at CEDEI’s International Programs Department.