In the coming days CEDEI’s International Programs Department will bid farewell to the Spring Semester and Spring Education Students. The Spring Semester group arrived in January and Spring Education arrived in March.   During their time here they have studying at CEDEI.

Before they leave, the Spring Semester students will take their final exams and then they will travel to Peru.  There they will visit various Peruvian touristic, historical and heritage sites such as Machu Picchu.  After their trip they will return to the United States to continue their university studies.

The Spring Education students are finishing up their program’s final activities in which they helped the cuencan community.  On this occasion the group has donated cleaning and personal hygiene supplies to elderly residents of Hogar Miguel León. They have also shared an afternoon getting to know the residents of this center. 

This group will be leaving CEDEI in two weeks and they will return to the United States.