Foreign Students from Dickinson College are going to go on a very special adventure this week in which they will visit eastern Ecuador. 

During their time in Eastern Ecuador they will visit Cotococha and Misahuallí. They will spend time canoeing and tubing on the River Napo.  They will also hike through the enchanting Ecuadorian Jungle and have the opportunity to swim in a waterfall.

Interestingly, the students will learn about various indigenous products from this areas including the Cerbatana or blow dart guns, which is used by indigenous tribes to hunt animals.  In addition, the foreign students will learn about the “Chicha” which is an ancestral drink, the food, and about the various uses of medicinal plants from the area.

The students will be accompanied by trained guides and by Lisa who is a coordinator in CEDEI’s International Programs Department.  They will be leading the group through the different stages during their time here in Ecuador so that the students enjoy and learn as much as possible during this unforgettable experience.

The Dickinson College students are in Ecuador to study in CEDEI’s International Programs Department.  Here they will participate in various academic activities and extracurricular activities and they will receive credits for the courses that are accepted by their home universities.