Students from the TEFL program will give free English classes in CEDEI to fulfill the requirements to teach English as a foreign language.  The classes will be held Monday through Thursday in CEDEI’s main building in the center of the city.  The classes have been filled and they started on June 13th and will continue until the July 7th.  The free class is for students that have a beginner to intermediate level of English.

The classes will be taught by 7 foreign students to complete a requirement to obtain a TEFL certification (Teaching English as Foreign Language).  The foreign students are studying in CEDEI’s International Programs Department and they arrived to our country on Saturday June 11th.

Here, the future teachers will attend classes to learn the techniques used to teach English as a second language.  During the evening, they will give English classes to practice what they have learned to Cuencan students.  The local students will be divided up into groups depending on their level of knowledge.  At the end of their stay the university students will receive a certificate that will allow them to teach English in any part of the world.