This week students from California State University Stanislaus will be participating in tours, visits and observations in Cuencan hospitals and health centers.  The majority of the students in this program are studying nursing, and two of them are studying social work at their university in the United States. 

Currently, the California State University group is studying in CEDEI’s International Programs department and they are continuing their university studies in Ecuador.  The group has 11 students. 

This week their visits will include tours of the Hospital Regional Vicente Corral Moscoso and the Hospital del Rio. There they will have the opportunity to tour these hospital’s facilities and they will be able to see various areas of these public and private medical centers. Additionally, they will visit the Pequeñitos de OSSO Foundation (an organization that provides assistance services to orphans), where they will see their facilities and they will learn about the adoption system in our country.

These visits will be complemented with Public Health and Natural Medicine lectures.  The students will also be participating in extracurricular activities that complement their stay in Ecuador.  For example, this week they will visit the museum Pumapungo and they will travel to Saraguro.   Saraguro is a city that is located in the southern part of the country.  All of these activities are organized with so that the students have a better understanding of various aspects Latin-American culture.

Other Intersession groups that are studying at CEDEI are St. Ambrose University and Albright College.