Did you know that foreign students learn Spanish at CEDEI’s International Programs department?  Effectively, this department has various individual programs that are adjusted for the needs and interests of the students.  The following are programs that this department offers. 

-Full Immersion Spanish Program (FISP): This is a full language immersion program that offers four hours of daily Spanish classes for 2 or 4 weeks.  This is a complete program with extracurricular dance, cooking and ceramics classes.   They also do cultural excursions on the weekends and live with Cuencan host families.

-Spanish Immersion Volunteer Program (SIVP): The students of this program study Spanish while they work on volunteer projects with various institutions in Cuenca.  Due to the fact that this program requires volunteer hours outside of CEDEI, the students only have one extracurricular class, which is dance class.  Like the students in FISP, the students of SIVP stay with a host family while they are in Cuenca.

-Spanish Tutorials:  These tutorials are one on one personalized Spanish classes.  In this case it is optional to: stay with a host family, take extracurricular classes, and participate in the cultural excursions. 

-Micro-Internship and Internship:   This is a program of internships in which the students do various activities in Cuencan institutions.  These institutions are chosen based on the interests and needs of the students.

-Medical Spanish in Ecuador: In this program students have two weeks Spanish instruction on medical grammar, vocabulary and interpreting.  All of this is complemented by visits to various health centers and hospitals.   They also receive lectures on natural medicine and public health.

The individual programs are more personal and they are designed so that every student leans a specific subject of interest, such as Spanish integrated with medical studies, business or other fields.   Individual programs can be taken with or without academic credit.

To choose the teachers that give these classes, the Spanish department in International Programs follows a rigorous selection process.   Spanish professors are required to have a university degree in language studies or literature.  Additionally, they have to pass a Spanish proficiency exam and impart demonstrative classes to observe their teaching styles.

For more information about these programs, please stop by CEDEI’s central offices which are located on La Gran Colombia 11-02 and General Torres.