The Spring Education program is ready to prepare some of the traditional Ecuadorian food. During this week, the CEDEI International Programs Department has organized different activities for this group.

About cooking classes, the students will prepare the traditional: locro de papas, fritada and mote pillo with the guidance of an expert in this area. In addition, the food will be complemented with a juice prepared with exotic fruits and a delicious dessert.

As a result, the cooking class becomes an interesting experience in order to learn about the products used in the traditional preparations and its meaning for our culture. Also, the group will have a lecture about Identity and Bilingualism of the Shuar, an ancestral culture of the Ecuadorian Rainforest.

All this cultural knowledge enrich the personal and professional formation of the foreign students who arrive to our country. In Cuenca, they continue with their studies and they will receive credits for this. It is important to mention that CEDEI has been promoting the intercultural exchange from Europe and America since its foundation in 1992.