On September 6th a group of 15 university students from the United States, Canada and France arrived at CEDEI’s International Programs Department.   These student are from seven different universities and they will all be studying at CEDEI for this fall semester.

When the students first arrived they traveled through various parts of Northern Ecuador where they were experienced the beautiful mountain ranges of this country.   CEDEI’s International Programs staff used this time to orientate the students in general information about Ecuador and the semester program.  This orientation helps them have a more general understanding of Ecuadorian culture so that they can adapt to life here.

Additionally, on September 7th the Fall Semester group started their academic schedule.  This period is characterized their studies of subjects related to their university majors, and the credits from these classes will be accepted by their home universities.

In addition to academic classes, the students will participate in extracurricular activities including visits to local museums, cultural excursions to important places in Ecuador, lectures, workshops, and other similar activities that are designed to widen their knowledge of Latin-American Culture.