The students of Fall Semester and Fall Education, which are studying at CEDEI, will visit elderly adults of the Geriatric Center of Jesus de Nazareth this November 25th.

This Center host people of the third age and it is located in Tarquino Cordero León Street. Here the students will enjoy a special journey with elderlies of this center. The activities will include games and dynamics, all with the purpose of share a good time of distraction between students and elderlies. This is how the CEDEI achieve its job of social help since 24 years before.

It is important to mention that these two programs are formed by students from the universities of Iowa State, Idaho y Wisconsin Whitewater located in United States.

These both groups arrived to CEDEI on August 29th and October 17th, respectively. They arrived to our institution to learn about the Latin-American culture and to take classes related with their majors.