Assisting to a lecture about the ecosystems of Galapagos, the students of Fall Semester will start them preparation to travel with destiny to this beautiful Natural Park. They will be visiting this place next week.

Galapagos is considering as a Natural World Heritage. Here you can find 22 Islands and 107 islets. Galapagos is located to 972 km from continental Ecuador and is part of the insular region of this country.

In the lecture the students will learn about the biodiversity of Galapagos. Once they travel to this place, they will be able to observe and validate what they learned. Also they will have time to enjoy of this beautiful Island known as “Archipielago de Colón”

The Fall Semester group is formed by students from different universities who work with the department of International Programs of CEDEI. This group have arrived on September and will stay in Ecuador until December. During this time the students will be doing many academic and cultural activities. When they return to USA will receive credits for the classes they were taking at CEDEI.