Did you know that foreign students come to the International Programs Department of CEDEI to continue their university studies? Indeed, this Department offers studies to people from different parts of the world.

Currently, CEDEI has the so-called “Intersession” programs, which include students from St. Ambrose, Salisbury, Albright, California State Stanislaus and Birmingham universities. These centers of higher education are located in the United States.

Students currently in CEDEI are studying different careers such as: Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Language Pathology, Nursing, Spanish, Biology, Environmental Studies, Chemistry, and Communication among others. For this reason, the Department of International Programs of CEDEI has structured several activities focused on its areas of study.

Then, the Academic Department of International Programs of CEDEI assigns the classes to them and, in addition the students develop service projects or volunteers to learn more about the culture and social conditions of our environment.