One of the activities that Illinois College Summer Group will be developing is to know the experience of public and private Ecuadorian institutions. This group of students is part of the International Programs department since May 24.

Because they have studies in different areas, they will be visiting some institutions related with their careers during this week. For instance, the students of Biology will visit the Orquid garden with the main purpose to know about the diverse types of orchids growing in the region. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to see different animal species which can be found in Amaru Zoo.

Moreover, the future doctors will be visiting the facilities of the Cancer Institute (SOLCA), located in Cuenca, which is a center specialized on Oncology. On the other hand, students of Education will be visiting CEDEI School in order to immerse in the educational experience that this school offers.

In addition, the students will attend some lectures in different topics such as: environmental conservation, natural medicine and migration. On Sunday they will be visiting Ingapirca Archeological Site, which is an Inca construction of the early XVI century, located in Cañar province.

Other groups that are part of the International Programs Department are: Lewis&Clark State College, Augustana College, University of Texas and Suny Cornell.