CEDEI School offers education for students of different ages, starting at the preschool level, elementary education, and up through Bachillerato with an international vision. Enrollment is currently open for all levels.

This week, students will participate in various activities to enrich their academic and personal formation.  For example, the students will attend a workshop on "Managing Emotions," which will help them to deal with different moods, in order to get the most out of emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, and others.

CEDEI School's Student Council has also organized a Concert for "Friendship Day," in which the student body will perform songs, dances, and other activities.  It will be a moment to reflect on the value of friendship and love.

In a complementary way, the students will learn more about different areas, in order to guarantee comprehensive learning.  Enrollment is open at CEDEI School, located in Km 1.2 of the Vía a Misicata.