There are many reasons to learn English at an early age since learning another language helps children to develop their social and analytic abilities  as well as develop reading and writing skills and self-confidence. ​

​The English program at CEDEI has courses for children between the ages of 8 and 11, designed to give children the necessary tools so that they can learn the language in a didactic and fun way. Classes last for one hour from Monday through Thursday. 

As part of the classes, children are involved in specific projects to motivate their use of the language. The projects have two parts: a practical part with the elaboration of the project, and second part with a presentation of the project to the class. These type of activities create interest in the students as they are related to such themes as volcanoes, cities, animals, etc. 

Additionally, the methodology applied in class gives special attention to the reading skill. Students have to read at least 3 short stories, guided by their teachers. This is done during class. Student discuss the story, characters, plot, setting and the vocabulary used in the story. The development of reading comprehension is important for the acquisition of vocabulary and writing skills. 

Children's English courses at CEDEI start on September 28 along with the learning alternatives for people of different ages. All classes are taught by native speakers or fluent English speakers, who use dynamic and fun techniques to learn the lenguage. 

Registration is open at all three CEDEI locations around the Cuenca.