Children definitely need different methods to learn a language since their attention span is less than an adult's. CEDEI’s English Program takes this and other aspects into consideration so that children effectively learn this language.

In class, teachers prepare different activities so that children learn to like the language. For example, they develop a project with interesting themes such as volcanoes, cities, puppets, and others. The projects include two parts: the first is the execution of the practical part and the other is an oral presentation.

Additionally, the methodology which is applied in children’s classes gives special attention to the reading skill. Students read at least three stories per cycle with the guide of their teachers. This is generally done once a week during class; the students talk about the plot, the characters, the setting and the vocabulary used in the story. Reading comprehension is important for the acquisition of vocabulary and the structure of the language.

Classes are designed for children between 8 and 11 years old, aimed to give the necessary tools so that the little ones learn the language in a fun and didactic manner. Classes last for one hour from Monday through Thursday.  

The next cycle starts on April 3. Registration is now open.