Eldery adults spend day with study abroad students
Students from the Augustana College program spent time with the elderly residents of the Jesus of Nazareth Foundation Elderly Home on August 8th. This foundation is home to 30 elderly people and is located on the Panamerican Highway, Km. 10.
The entertainment included a mariachi serenade, which thrilled the honorees. Then, attendees participated in bingo and a fun game of cards.  The women enjoyed a time of relaxation and personal care as the study abroad students painted their nails and gave them makeovers
Additionally, the Jesus of Nazareth Foundation received a donation from the students and staff of CEDEI. The donation included instruments for physical therapy, medical supplies, educational games to reinforce memory, a microwave and other materials.
The Augustana College program took place in Ecuador from June 3rd until August 8th and consisted of 18 students. Community service work has been one of the areas of the CEDEI Foundation's work for 22 years.