This Monday 15th of August began the period of inscriptions at the Educative Unit- CEDEI School. Here we offer education for students of all ages, starting with pre-school, basic general education, and baccalaureate with an international vision.

Inscriptions will be available at the CEDEI location, found on Km. 1.2 via to Misicata. The CEDEI School offers an integral education that goes hand in hand with the needs of our current society. Promoting research, experimentation, proposing hypothesis, offering and exchanging their ideas.

Thus the teaching - learning is constructed together with the children. At all levels students learn Spanish, English and French with foreign teachers. English is taught as an instrumental language and Spanish as their native language. 

For this, the CEDEI School has international teachers, responsible for teaching subjects in English. This instruction is very natural because teachers teaching it are  native English speakers. From the fourth grade the children also start learning French. This is in addition to the efforts of national teachers who implement projects and programs to strengthen the core Spanish language.