A pleasant way to learn about other cultures is through gastronomy.  Foreign students from Dickinson College will attend a week of cooking classes to learn about the preparation of typical Ecuadorian dishes.

With an expert gastronomic guide, the students will learn how to make Locro de papas, which is a creamy potato soup. They will also learn the secrets to cook a delicious Fritada, which is a pork dish accompanied by a delicious tomato and onion salad.

In addition, they will make a Mote Pillo, which is made from cooked large kernel corn and eggs. To close with a flourish, they will make a desert and a fresh juice with local fruit. As a complement to this experience, they will discuss the origin of the ingredients and the importance of gastronomy in the Ecuadorian culture.

The students from Dickinson College (Pennsylvania, USA) are currently studying in CEDEI’s International Programs department. This group will participate in various activities in which they will learn about Latin-American cultures.  They will continue their university studies from Ecuador and they will receive credit for these classes.  Their program in Ecuador will finish on July 31st and then they will travel to Argentina where they will continue their studies in Latin-America.

Another Group which is studying in CEDEI’s International Programs department is from Augustana College.  They are also participating in a series of activities while they continue their studies from Ecuador.