On October 1st there was an interesting exchange between Universidad de Cuenca students and foreign students from CEDEI’s Fall Semester Program.   The event was a discussion about nutrition and was held at the CEDEI facilities in the city center.

It is important to note that these Universidad de Cuenca students are taking part in a nutrition project that is looking to improve the food quality in various Cuencan schools.   The CEDEI foundation and the CATCH Foundation are the sponsors of this very important educational project. 

During the discussion the Ecuadorian Students shared information with the foreign students about their participation in this project and its development.  It was an interesting cultural experience that was geared towards creating interaction between university students of different nationalities.

The Fall Semester students are have been studying in CEDEI’s International Programs department since the beginning of September.  The group is made up of 15 students that are from various colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and France.