CEDEI offers different opportunities for people who want to learn English, improve their pronunciation, or take an advanced course. New courses begin on April 3; registration is already open.

For this cycle, CEDEI will offer children’s courses as well as teenage and adult courses. It offers different study modalities so students can learn the language based on their time availability. Classes are structured by levels, which include beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Additionally, CEDEI offers courses that focus on specific areas, such as Speaking and Listening, which cover pronunciation and listening comprehension skills. Another alternative is the IELTS preparation course aimed at people who have an advanced level of English and need to take this international proficiency exam, a requirement for those interested in studying abroad.

CEDEI’s English Program has a teaching staff of fluent and native speakers of English. The hiring of teachers begins months in advance before a cycle starts and includes a selection process based on the fulfillment of specific requirements. Thus CEDEI offers quality education in English. This year the Foundation will celebrate its 25 years of teaching in Cuenca.