CEDEI is a multicultural center with people from different parts of the world. This season, the Department of International Programs is hosting 4 groups of students from different universities in the United States. 
Currently studying at CEDEI are groups from: Augustana College, the TEFL Program, Syracuse University, and Dickinson College, each of which has a busy schedule of activities. The students in these groups have a daily schedule of classes as they do in their home universities. This is complemented by various other activities such as lectures, trips, and other visits.
This week, the Augustana College group will have ceramics and dance classes. In addition, they will have a talk on natural medicine, to understand the secrets of traditional medicine in Ecuador. This weekend they will visit Saraguro, a city located in southern Ecuador. 
The TEFL Program students are currently giving free English classes as part of their preparation to receive their teaching certification. This group will travel to El Cajas National Park over the weekend to experience this beautiful natural area.
The Syracuse group will attend a talk on the architecture of immigration, in order to understand the recent changes in buildings in Cuenca in recent times and the influence of emigration. This weekend they will go to Ingapirca archaeological site, located in the province of Cañar. 
CEDEI gives a warm welcome to the Dickinson College group, consisting of 9 students. They will be at CEDEI until the end of July. In the first part of their program they will travel to cities in northern Ecuador such as Otavalo, Quito, and Cotococha.