Students from Dickinson College (United States) will start their week in Cuenca with a city tour in the double decker bus. This group is studying at the International Programs Department of CEDEI since the end of June. Students are taking college-level courses and learning about Latin American culture.

This week students will take Spanish classes and a module about Andean music culture. As a complementary activity, they will visit the Museum of Aboriginal Cultures to observe archaeological pieces from Ecuador's ancestral peoples.

They will also attend ceramic classes to learn clay hand-building techniques, dancing lessons, and a lecture about natural medicine. By the end of the week students will go to Saraguro, one of South America’s most important indigenous centers.

In the meanwhile, the group from Augustana College has traveled to the Ecuadorian jungle. They are visiting beautiful places in this region of our country. Upon their return, these college students will continue their classes and daily activities.

The students from Ohio University will take cooking and ceramic lessons. They will also attend a lecture about environment and nature previous to their visit to the Cajas National Park.

Finally, the students from Syracuse University and the Summer TEFL program will finish their activities in CEDEI in the coming days.