CEDEI School offers educational programs for students of all ages at the preschool, elementary, and high school levels, with an international vision.  At all levels, students learn Spanish, English, and French with international teachers.

The school offers a comprehensive education in response to the demands of modern society.  It promotes research, experimentation, and analysis, in order to offer students the possibility of making discoveries, investigating, proposing hypotheses, giving their opinions and exchanging ideas.  The teaching-and-learning process is constructed together with the children.

As part of the methodology, English is taught as an instrumental language and Spanish as a native language.  In order to accomplish this, CEDEI School has foreign teachers who are responsible for teaching subjects in English.  The language is learned in a more natural way since the teachers are native speakers. Starting in third grade, children also learn French.  This work is in addition to working with Ecuadorian teachers who implement projects and programs to strengthen Spanish skills.