With the objective of stimulating the students' creativity and knowledge in different areas, CEDEI School has organized a Cultural Week, which will be held from May 3rd to the 6th.

 The activities planned for this event are:


Tuesday May 3rd

Theme: Academic Fair (Presentations from the 2do, 3ro, 5to, 7mo and 2do de bachillerato classes)

Time: 09h00-10h00

Beginning at 10h30 the play “La Película” ("The Movie") will be performed in the main patio.

Place: CEDEI School (Km. 1.2 Vía a Misicata) 


Wednesday May 4th:

Theme: Academic Fair (Presentations from the 4to, 6to, 8vo, 9no, 10mo and 1ro de bachillerato classes).

Time: 09h00-10h00

The “II Annual Intercollegiate Musical Festival” will be held beginning at 11:00, in which the students from 8vo and higher will participate.  The students in 1ro to 7mo will go home at 11:00.

Place: CEDEI School (Km. 1.2 Vía a Misicata) 


Theme: Literary Project Launch (Décimo de Básica and Bachillerato General Unificado).

Time: 19:00

Place: República Sur Cultural Center (Presidente Córdova y Hermano Miguel).


Thursday May 5th:

Theme: II Annual Sami Kanchi Folkloric Dance Festival

Time: 11h00-13h00

The Folkloric Dance Festival will begin at 11:00 a.m., with the participation of folkloric dance groups from other schools, along with our institutional dance group.

Place: CEDEI School (Km. 1.2 Vía a Misicata) 


Friday May 6th:

Theme: Student Integration Party:  CBC Basketball Tournament and Popular Games

Time: 09h30-12h30

Place: CEDEI School (Km. 1.2 Vía a Misicata) 


Saturday May 7th:

Theme:Student Integration Party:  Sports Day 2016

Time: 09h00

Place: Canchas Deportivas Suárez (Camino a Guizhil)

CEDEI School extends a cordial invitation to participate in all of the activities as part of the "CEDEI School 2016 Cultural Week."