A Festive Journey" is the name of the theater performance that the students of the CEDEI School presented, as part of their Christmas activities. The Teatro Pumapungo was the location for this event, on December 20 & 21.

In this way, the Preschool students demonstrated their talent on the stage, on December 20. The students of the CEDEI School - from primero de básica and up - showed  their artistic abilities on December 21.

 The play was about a group of children and teens who get together to fill their surroundings with color and joy. With the power of their imagination, the children decide to fly kites to the sky that will travel, carrying dreams, feelings and values, around the world. This will lead them to share and, at the same time, learn about the diversity of each place.

 As part of the presentation, the students dressed colorful costumes, sing songs and dance to different melodies. They  all enjoyed music, dance and learning, in which the students will demonstrate their artistic qualities.

In this way, the CEDEI School promotes multicultural education, so that the students can learn the value of learning about and respect for other cultures and ways of life.