The English Program at CEDEI also has classes for children between 8 and 11 years old. The children’s program aims to give children the necessary tools to learn the language in a fun and engaging manner. Classes last for one hour each day, from Monday through Thursday. 

In each class, teachers design a project so children develop a liking for the language. For this purpose, after the midterm the students begin working on their projects which are presented at the end of the course. The project includes two sections: a practical section where the student put together the project, and the second section, where the student do a presentation of their projects. This type of activity is aimed at creating interest in students since it is connected to varied topics such as volcanoes, cities, puppets, and others. 

Additionally, the methodology applied in class for children’s courses gives special attention to the reading skill. Students read at least three short stories per course, guided by the teacher. This is done each week while in class; the student read the story, discuss the topic, the characters, the setting and the plot, while at the same time developing vocabulary. Reading comprehension development is important for the acquisition of vocabulary and sentence structure in the language.