Protecting the environment is a situation that involves all of us. Since reflecting on and analyzing this theme is very important, CEDEI School promotes the discussion of topics related to this theme during the entire school year.

This month, the school's students will learn more about "The Preservation and Protection of the Ozone Layer." The students will learn why it is important to take care of this protective shield that covers the Earth. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to propose alternatives in order to avoid its deterioration.

They will also learn about different countries, their customs, and traditions. Ecuador will be the country this month, as a way of recognizing and learning more about our own culture. They students will also be able to talk about respect, which will be the value analyzed this month.

At the same time, the students will continue with their daily academic activities in the course of the week, focused on providing them with the necessary skills in order to have an integral education.