Parent participation plays a very important role in their children's school performance.  For this reason, CEDEI School will offer a talk on the topic of "The Difference Between School and Education."

The talk will be given by Steven Wille, a founding member of the Center for Interamerican Studies Foundation, CEDEI.  Steve has extensive experience in education.  He has advised various educational centers in Ecuador and the United States.

The talk is aimed at parents and representatives of students in elementary, middle, and high school.  It will be an excellent opportunity to learn about significant aspects related to educational formation and quality.

In this way, CEDEI School strengthens the channels of communication with parents, which is a fundamental pillar in the education of their children.  Similar activities are held several times each year.

The students in upper levels will attend a workshop on academic writing, which will seek to improve their handwriting, writing skills, spelling, and the presentation of their work.