Making rules and norms at home can be a complicated task for parents. For this reason, CEDEI School will have a workshop for students' family members on "Norms and Limits for children."

Since the family environment plays a key role in development, the school will provide the training, which aims to help parents, who are primarily responsible for the development of their children, to set clear rules at home.

This also has a direct impact on the education of children, in order for them to have a positive attitude in class and be more willing to follow the established norms at school. In this way CEDEI School considers children's education holistically.

Additionally, CEDEI School will organize a Learning Community this week, an event which includes learning centers covering different topics. This time the event will focus on India, in order to learn about the history, geography, cuisine, and other information about this Asian country.

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-General Elementary Education

-Bachillerato with an international vision