"We want solidarity" is the name given to the community service projects that will be carried out by CEDEI School's students during this year.

The eighth grade students, for example, will focus on helping senior citizens.  They will visit a senior center, where they will have the opportunity to spend time with elderly people and teach them how to make crafts.

The tenth grade students will visit an orphanage, where they will play with the children, make crafts, and enjoy various activities.  The ninth grade students will visit a rural community, where they will carry out different tasks contributing to the upkeep of public spaces.

Some projects are aimed at helping foundations that work with animals on the street, while others focus on promoting environmental protection through simple actions such as the creation of a "Sustainable Orchard" at the school.

All of these projects seek to promote the value of solidarity in CEDEI School's student body, as a daily attitude and practice in the life of each person.