With the objective of getting to know different spaces for learning, CEDEI School students will visit Cuenca's Museum of Modern Art.  It will be an interesting tour in which the students will have the opportunity to observe, question, and know about various aspects of this local museum.

The students will have a tour of the expositions of paintings, sculptures, and other artwork that makes up the Cuenca Museum of Modern Art's collection.  This is very important for the students to value the past, appreciate the present, and reflect on the future, in a site that has great historical and cultural value.

In this way, the education at CEDEI School promotes a variety of activities, in order for its students to experience different situations, apart from the classroom.  Each activity is aimed at stimulating the critical capacity of the students.

Enrollment for this educational institution is now open.  It includes the following levels:

- Preschool
- General Primary Education
- Baccalaureate with an international vision (through tercero de bachillerato)