There are many benefits in encouraging the habit of reading in children. Not only do they enjoy themselves, and develop their vocabulary, but it also helps them to immerse themselves in the story that they read. For that reason, the CEDEI School counts on the resource of a school library designed to motivate reading in our students.

In this space, the students have access to a variety of books, in English and Spanish. The space is designed so that they feel comfortable, to enjoy reading while they learn about various subjects. In this way, our objective is to reinforce this habit that brings so many benefits.

Additionally, the school will participate in the "Fiesta de la Lectura" (Reading festival), where the students can enjoy a fun environment focused on reading.

Furthermore, the students will learn about Thanksgiving. This holiday is celebrated in the United States, the last Thursday of the month of November. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the origin of the event, the food, and other aspects related to this celebration.

These activities encourage integrated learning in the students of the CEDEI School, which go together with the demands of modern society.