In an increasingly competitive world, people require more preparation, which should start from an early age. The CEDEI School is an excellent educational option, as it prepares its students to meet the challenges posed by today's society.

The Education Unit offers a comprehensive education to ensure personal and academic development of their students. In this sense, the CEDEI School promotes the assertion of values that should be learned at home. With the guidance of their teachers, the children analyze situations related to issues such as humility, respect, solidarity, acceptance and the like.

This adds to the multicultural approach offered by this institution. This is to not only to learn about other cultures but also how to accept them and have a harmonious coexistence with the world around us.

As part of the benefits, students develop all activities in English and Spanish, from the earliest levels of education. From the fourth grade, they also start learning French. For this, the CEDEI School has a team of national and foreign teachers.

All this takes place without neglecting the academic aspects. Teachers use the constructivist methodology which highlights the multiple intelligences, which are logical-mathematical, linguistic, visual-spatial, naturalistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, musical and kinesthetic. Without neglecting the skills needed to cover educational indicators, to guarantee a quality education.

 Registration for this educational unit are open at the following levels:

- Pre-school.

- Basic general education.

- Secondary School with an international vision.