As part of the final activities of this school year, parents of CEDEI school will attend a workshop on nutrition called "My Plate".

This workshop is part of the project launched by CATCH Global Foundation, the foundation CEDEI as well as other public and private institutions. This project seeks to implement nutritious food habits and encourage physical activity in students.

CEDEI School is one of the schools participating in this project, which started in September, CEDEI school promotes the integral development of its students and believes that food is a key element in this process.

In addition to these workshops, CEDEI school prepares to finish this school year with different activities.  This includes students from second through fourth grade attending a workshop on reading comprehension, to encourage a true assimilation of knowledge.  There will also be workshops on logic that will aim to provide the students with tools to find solutions using different techniques.  The students from fifth to tenth grade will attend an “Open house on Environmental Care and Reforestation”.

Everything will end with a closing event which will involve all the students of the school.  As this year ends at CEDEI School, be assured that the next year will be full of new challenges and goals.