Academic quality, updated infrastructure, and educational philosophy are a few of the aspects that guide parents when they are choosing a school for their children.  CEDEI School offers a number of advantages, making it an institution of excellence.

As part of the benefits, the students learn English and Spanish, starting from the beginning levels of education.  In order for the teaching to be effective, teachers use the methodology of multiple intelligences, which are: logical-mathematic, linguistic, visual spatial, naturistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, musical, and kinesthetic.

In this way, the students understand and use the language (oral and written) to communicate and learn, both in their native language and a foreign language.

Another advantage is the constant stimulus to students, in order to strengthen their creativity.  In this way the institution creates activities that motivates the students to investigate, inquire, and awaken their curiosity in various areas.  To do this, the studentsdevelop multiple projects during the school year relating to topics as varied as: African culture, English literature, or mathematical games.

With dynamic methods, the teachers have the preparation necessary in order to guide their students through the world of knowledge.  At the same time, they strengthen the students' self esteem and provide them with the security necessary for the students to feel capable of proactively taking positive actions on their own.

These characteristics make CEDEI School a unique center in its class and permit it to offer an integral education that covers different areas of knowledge.

Enrollment for this educational institution is now open at the main CEDEI School site, located at Km. 1.2. of the Vía a Misicata.