Students from Dickinson College will begin this week studying a new academic module focused on the general analysis of Latin American economy and politics and the effects on the Andean region. In this sense, the international students will be able to relate the current economic and political situation with the geographic, cultural and demographic aspects of the region. Through this analysis, the students will also understand the inequality of the countries in terms of development.

This course is part of the activities developed by the International Programs department. The objective of this course is to provide the students the tools they need to learn more about the Latin American culture from different perspectives. The Dickinson College group arrived to Ecuador on July 4 and they will leave on July 30.

The activities organized by the International Programs department of CEDEI are so diverse to allow students to know more about Ecuadorian and Latin American cultures. These activities include language, history and literature classes; visits to museums; lectures; dancing lessons; and learning how to prepare typical dishes from Ecuador.

At the same time, the students from Ohio University will attend a lecture on natural medicine. The students will learn about the medicinal properties of native plants which, according to ancestral knowledge, have healing powers. This lecture and other activities are part of an academic agenda focused on providing a comprehensive knowledge of our culture to these college students who are studying abroad in Ecuador.