Foreign students participating in St. Ambrose Intersession and Albright Intersession programs are going to start an unforgettable experience when they arrive in Ecuador in the coming days. 

The students participating in these programs are from St. Ambrose University and Albright College, which are higher education centers in the United States.   The students of these programs are perusing a wide array of majors.   These university students will study in CEDEI’s International Programs Department (Cuenca, Ecuador).  Here they will take classes that are focused on their majors and in addition they will learn Spanish.  Additionally they will participate in cultural activities in which they will learn more about Latin-American culture.  All of this will permit total immersion in the local culture.

The St. Ambrose University group is made up of 19 students: 9 are studying for a Masters in Speech Pathology, 6 are studying Education and Geography and 4 are leaning about Creative Travel Writing based on their experiences in Ecuador.  In the first part of their program they will visit Quito and Otavalo, which are located in northern Ecuador.

In Otavalo, the students will have the opportunity to visit an Andean musical instruments workshop and a weaving workshop.  This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the stilled Ecuadorian artists. 

The group Intersession Albright is made up of 16 students that are studying different majors.  This group will participate in various activities such as cultural excursions to places of interest.   In addition to Spanish classes, all of the students will be taking a class that is taught by an Albright College faculty member.

Both of these groups will complete a series of activities and visits that are focused on the program’s areas study