The thirty fifth graduation ceremony of English students of the Foundation Center for Interamerican Studies, CEDEI, took place this past July 7. The Salón de la Ciudad of the Illustrious Municipality of Cuenca (on Sucre and Benigno Malo) was the location for this academic event. 

This graduation had 51 graduates from the English program who received their certificate after having successfully completed their studies. The Board of Directors was formed by  Steve Wille, Founder of CEDEI, Mark Odenwelder, the Foundation's Executive Director, Wilson Calle, the Administrative Director, Elisabeth Rodas, the Academic Director of the English Program, and Neil McGregor, the Academic Assistant of the English Program. 

Thus, CEDEI fortifies its work in benefit of the education in Cuenca where it has been involved in for the last 23 years through the development of different programs focusing on the improvement of the quality of education in our area.