The CEDEI has organized an event to commemorate the career of Dr. Thomas Brown, a professor Emeritus of the Universidad Augustana, due to his important support for the development of international education during the last 40 years.

The event will take place on June 14th at 6:30pm and will be located at premises of the CEDEI Foundation on Gran Colombia 11-02 and General Torres (Cuenca Ecuador).

In this way, the foundation hopes to acknowledge the work developed by Dr. Brown in the last 4 decades, as his constant labor has allowed hundreds of international students to learn in depth the various aspects of the Latin American culture.

Public and private institutions, organizations, and foundations like the CEDEI have unified their efforts so that university students and international students can delve into the Latin American culture and explore its traditions, learn Spanish, and in general experience a real academic and cultural exchange.

It´s important to recognize that the CEDEI Foundation depends on the department of international programs to receive all the individuals from different parts of the world to continue their university studies from Ecuador. At the same time they offer English classes for those that wish to learn this language.