Rapid social, economic, and technological changes require greater professional preparation of individuals. In this sense, the educational process has a key role in laying a solid foundation for student education.

For this reason, the educational unit at CEDEI School considers the challenges posed by today's society, and thus offers a comprehensive education. The educational offering comprises of a comprehensive education that’s maintains the same philosophical guidelines from pre-school education, General Basic Education, and the General Baccalaureate with an international vision.

What does this mean? This means that academic programs CEDEI School consist of a curriculum with national standards that meet all the requirements established by the Ministry of Education in Ecuador.

 At the same time, this educational unit contains an academic program in English, based on universal teachings. This element provides students with the necessary skills to face the new challenges in other educational realities, inside or outside the country.

To impart this knowledge, the school has a team of national and foreign teachers who teach Spanish and English from the initial levels. From the fourth grade, French is also incorporated and has become a fun way to experience another culture.

The CEDEI School is in an open enrollment period at the following levels:

- Preschool - Early Childhood Education

- Basic general education.

- General Baccalaureate with an international vision.