One of the advantages of studying with CEDEI is the possibility to meet people from different cultures and nationalities. This is because the International Programs Department receives students from various parts of the world that want to continue their university studies in Ecuador and other international students that simply want to learn Spanish.

With 24 years of experience, CEDEI’s International Programs Department offers educational programs to individuals and groups.  The individual programs are more personalized and they are designed so that students learn Spanish for specific subjects that they are interested in, such as medical, business and social work Spanish. 

The group programs are made up of students that want to continue their university educations in Ecuador.  They have many classes to choose from based on their majors and interests.  Depending on the student’s Spanish level, these classes can be given in English or Spanish.  For all of their courses the students can receive between 12 to 18 credits from their home universities that have credit transfer agreements with CEDEI.   The students that participate in these programs come from various universities in the United States and Europe.  This student diversity allows for a mixtures of viewpoints and adds a multicultural value to the classes.

  Currently there are two groups of students studying in CEDEI’s International Programs Department, Spring Semester and Spring Education