It’s our birthday! On April 13, the Center for Interamerican Studies Foundation (CEDEI) celebrated 25 years of educational work in Cuenca. During this time, our objectives have focused on offering quality education and developing activities which benefit the community.

As part of our history, it is important to remember that the CEDEI Foundation was created by a group of American, Peruvian, and Ecuadorian university professors. On April 13, 1992, approval was granted by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and Culture to form a non-profit foundation.

From its beginning up until today, CEDEI has maintained a clear mission: to promote mutual understanding between the peoples and countries of the Americas, fomenting academic and cultural exchange as a service to the community.

By simply walking along the hallways and popping into the offices at CEDEI, it is easy to find yourself among students, teachers, and people from all over the world who share activities with students, teachers, and citizens of Cuenca, who enjoy a real sense of multiculturalism at our institution.

Finally, it must be added that CEDEI is a non-profit organization whose objectives include education, social cooperation, and training. To accomplish these goals, our foundation boasts three separate programs: CEDEI School, the English Department, and International Programs.