With majors in the areas of Business, Engineering, Accounting, and much more, Augustana College is a well-rounded Higher Education Institution, located in Illinois, USA. This college is an interesting alternative to local universities for Ecuadorian students.

Augustana is a private Liberal Arts institution- a model which offers many benefits. For example, students at this school can carry out internships in various prestigious institutions in the United States. Often, these internships result in work opportunities for university students, including after graduation.

All students at Augustana acquire knowledge and experience. For example, in the field of Business, they can establish ties with employers from the Quad Cities (located in the states of Illinois and Iowa) which has upwards of 30,000 businesses!

In the area of Engineering, students can benefit from the double major program offered at Augustana. After completing three years of study at Augustana in this major, plus two more years in an Engineering school, students can receive both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Engineering degrees.

In addition, Augustana College has more than 5 career counselors per 1,000 students in comparison to a national average of only 1.5 (USA).

To learn more about study opportunities offered by Augustana College, as well as in other Higher Education Institutions, visit the EducationUSA advising office, located at 11-02 Gran Colombia & General Torres.