Various groups of foreign university students, especially from the United States, come to study at CEDEI's International Programs department.  Currently, five groups are studying at our institution as part of their university programs.  

One of these groups is the Summer TEFL Program,  which is comprised of 10 students that are giving English classes to Cuencan Students.   These classes are a prerequisite to become certified to teach English as a second language. Additionally, this group with be giving classes in this language to Artisan women in Principal, which is a community located in Sigsig County in Azuay Province.

As for the University of Texas students, they are currently touring various northern cities in Ecuador.   They will visit some flower farms where they will learn about Ecuadorian flowers that are exported to all over the world.  At the farms they will be able to observe the all of the stages of production, including: the growing stage, harvest, packaging, etc.  They will also have the opportunity to see skilled Ecuadorian artisans at work when they visit weaving and instrument workshops in Peguche. 

Other groups that are at CEDEI are Augustana College, Syracuse University y Dickinson College.